While we condemn evil, we shouldn’t celebrate or empower another evil Debo Macaroni reacts


Debo Adedayo, known by his stage name Mr Macaroni, is a Nigerian, comic skit maker, actor and activist, has reacted after he was called out by some Nigerians on twitter.

It is said that Mr. Macaroni has been in support of crimes committed by Nigerian youths, in the sense that when ever security operatives goes on an arrest of any youth, Mr Macaroni will go on social media to criticize and condemn the arrest.

He has come under heavy attack for not speaking up or condemning the on going ritual acts being carried out by some under aged Nigerian youths, who are looking for quick means to make money.

Reacting to this, Mr Macaroni Said, “While we condemn evil, we shouldn’t celebrate or empower another evil. Evil is Evil. You cannot condemn one evil and then excuse another evil that benefits you. Ritual, fraud etc are heinous crimes. We can condemn these acts and still condemn police brutality. Trust me, we can.”

“Imagine a scenario whereby our dear security agencies are maybe trying to apprehend a criminal. And then they shoot anyhow.. make the bullet come kill innocent pikin. What will you tell the mother? The father nko? And the family? Make we reason am together.”

“Don’t go about killing or brutalizing innocent citizens because you want to do your job. I’m saying this because some people believe speaking against police brutality means supporting evil doers. No. Evil is Evil and we must condemn evil whenever and however we can,”

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