VIDEO: Traveller Laments As Train Gets Stuck In The Middle Of No Where


A Twitter user, Yomi, has lamented how a train he boarded on Monday from Kano, heading to Lagos had been stuck in the middle of nowhere and no effort had been made to rescue them by the Nigerian Railway Corporation.

On his Twitter handle, Yomi on Tuesday said,

“Nigerian railway cooperation(sic), we boarded since yesterday 31st January at exactly 9, o clock from Kano heading to Lagos and till now we haven’t reach Zaria, they’ve abandoned us inside the bush for almost 18hours, imagine who is afraid of travelling through road becoz(sic) of kidnapping.”

In a video posted on Wednesday, he said,

“For almost twenty-fours now, we are stuck in the middle of nowhere. See bush all around. See where people are standing. I don’t even know what to do now. We are stuck in the middle of nowhere. You guys need to solve this problem as soon as possible.”

Credit: Twitter | yomicrimina


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