Rinu’s Invitation Of Saraki To Twitter Space: Shows That The EndSars Movement is “Politically Motivated”

Rinu with bukola saraki

Rinu Oduala was very vocal to ensure that the movement has no political affiliations despite the fact that the federal government through the Minister of Information, revealed that the EndSars Movement is “politically motivated”. The recent invitation of Saraki may have compromised the aim of the movement according to many social media users and reformers.

Mr Abubakar Bukola Saraki is a known member of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) with presidential ambition. Featuring him on Twitter Space by a known member of the EndSars Movement have put doubts in the minds of people and further authenticate the federal government’s initial statement.

During the mega protest against police brutality, the formation of the EndSars Movement was determined to be a non-political, a neutral association for young people with a common interest and no official affiliations to any candidate or political party. One of the people who became famous during the incident is Rinu Oduala, a young lady, trader and self-acclaimed reformist.

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