I am not sick, and I have forgiven those spreading lies Against me, Hanks Anuku says.

Hanks Anuku in ghana

Hanks Anuku, the veteran actor, has responded to allegations that his health is deteriorating

Remember how a blog posted a video of the actor claiming to be sick and in poor health?

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The actor was also spotted in Ghana, according to the article. As a result, a concerned fan pleaded for assistance for the actor, claiming that he may be suffering from mental health issues that he is unable to discuss or that he is simply depressed.

The admirer urged his fellow actors to come to the veteran actor’s rescue in recognition of his sacrifices to the Nigerian movie industry.

Anuku reacted by saying that nothing like it had happened.

He responded on his Instagram page and he also praised one of his admirers for standing up for him.


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A post shared by Hank Anuku (@ha1962anukuha)

A fan had made the following observation: “rebaiuhuruofficial This is what people do when they crave attention, just to grab a few clicks and likes on their post… Be careful who owns this page, because your Ancestors will SLAP you spiritually.

They’ve said hiv in the past, and they’ve lately stated he’s dead, but Hanks is still strong and alive, and in his 62nd year, this has resurfaced and is once again about Hank… Please, people, show some respect… For those who are unaware, Hank is not in Ghana; he is currently in Nigeria working on film projects and has recently completed another new film with ZUBBY MICHAEL called (OVIE WHISKEY). as well, he would also visit Ghana to have a meeting with President Kufuor.”

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Hanks Anuku also stated that whoever is circulating incorrect information about him has been forgiven. In addition, the actor posted another video with Zubby Michael


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A post shared by Hank Anuku (@ha1962anukuha)

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