Ritual Killings: Four Teenage Girls Caught With Human Heads In Lagos State


The prevalence of ritual killings especially, among the youths has been in the limelight in Nigeria, the troubling situation has called for serious concerns in the country. While reporting and reacting to one of the cases of the act, the news of another breaks out in the country. The terrible situation cuts across many states in the country.

According to a report on National Daily, a group of teenage girls who are said to be students of a secondary school in Lagos State, have been reportedly caught with human heads, inside their school bags, allegedly meant for ritual purposes. The four teenage girls were discovered by a taxi driver who reportedly carried them in his vehicle.

The taxi driver was reported to have raised alarm when he perceived a bad odor in his vehicle, the driver took the girls to their school and handed them over to their gatekeeper, the gatekeeper who searched their bags discovered the human head. It was reported that the Police were informed about the situation and the four teenage girls have been arrested.

Some people have suddenly become, too wicked and very desperate, what will four teenage girls, be doing with human heads in their bags? The issue of ritual killings in Nigeria has become a situation, that requires urgent intervention. Correctbloger recently reported that the House of Representatives has asked the Federal Government to declare a National Emergency on Ritual Killings in the country.

Seeing how worst the situation is getting, I believe the Federal Government should be quick about its decision and also charge the various security agencies in the country, to collaborate and tackle the evil trend of ritual killings in the country. Also, parents need to take up their responsibility seriously, by making secure they are aware of the activities of their children. The problem is not only embarrassing to the country but it also doesn’t put the nation, in a good light among International communities.

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