As at 1980, find out what we produced in Nigeria and why our Nigerian naria had more value than the Dollar

Nigeria as a producing country

A twitter user has revealed what Nigeria produced. As at 1980, the Nigerian Naira exchanged for 80 kobo to $1. But today the dollar is over N500,and Nigerians are shouting. Our economists are busy telling gullible Nigerians how we got here and how we can get out. In doing all these they always leave d very reasons we got here.

They refused to tell their followers that you Can’t Eat Your Cake and Have it Back.’ They refused to tell their followers that d problem of Nigeria was caused by all Nigerians and can only be fixed by same Nigerian.

So let me give u some reasons how we got here. In the 80’s, we had Leyland in Ibadan, and ANAMMCO in Enugu that produced buses and trucks for Nigerians.

There was Steyr in Bauchi, that produced tractors for our farmers. And guess what, most of the components were produced in Nigeria.

There was Exide in Ibadan that produces vehicle batteries for use not only in Nigeria but d whole of West Africa.

There was Isoglass and TSG both in Ibadan that produces windshields for these vehicles. The seats for these vehicles were produced by Vono Products in Lagos. Dunlop produced tyres in Lagos, while Mitchelin has it’s Factory in Port Harcourt. And like I said in my tweet 2 weeks ago, these tyres were produced from rubber plantations within Nigeria. That was when we had rubber merchants in Nigeria

We had Ferodo, also in Ibadan that produced brake pads and discs for all these factories and use of Nigerians.

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The refrigerators, freezers and air-conditioning sets in our homes were produced by Thermocool and Debo, both in Nigeria.

The TV’s and radio sets in our homes were assembled in Ibadan by Sanyo.

Our parents were wearing clothes produced by Chellarams Textile Mill in Lagos, and UNTL in Kaduna. Our school uniform materials were also produced by these textile Mills. The raw materials used by these Mills which is cotton were grown in Nigeria by Nigerians.

The gas cylinders we used then to store our LPG gas were produced by the NGC factory also in Ibadan.

We had Kwalipipe in Kano and Duraplast in Lagos that produces pipes we used to get water running in our various homes.

Our toilets then were fitted with WC’s that were produced from ceramic factories in Abeokuta and Kano.

We had the Nigerian Wire and Cable in Ibadan, Kablemetal in Lagos and PH, and NOCACO in Kaduna.

The shoes our parents wore to work and our school sandals were produced mostly by Bata and Lannards, with locally tanned leather from Kaduna. There was hardly any female student that don’t own at least of a pair of d famous Container shoes (Contain trouble) by Bata.

And guess what? Nigerians flew to most parts of the world proudly with our own Nigeria Airways

All these and many more are gone. We all now want everything from outside Nigeria even if they are not half the qualities of what we get from Aba


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