Tinubu: Reno Omokri mocked for claiming Osinbajo campaigners behind video leak

Reno Omokri

Social media users in Nigeria have mocked Reno Omokri, a critic of Buhari government for claiming that Vice President Yemi Osinbajo campaigners were behind the leaked video of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu.

Omokri had been reacting to a video of Tinubu with a wet agbada leading to insinuations he had wet himself.

His claim was, however, rebuffed by Nigerians, who said the alleged leaks were released by supporters of Tinubu themselves, real-time at the palace of the Awujale of Ijebu.

@OmohFriday said, “We appreciate Reno for trying to repair the bad image of the PDP. However, 2023 is not about any political party, it’s about credibility. It’s about someone we can trust the national treasury with.”

@OPeter01 was more straightforward in his response to Omokri. “I challenge you to name them. You are an agent of confusion,” he said.

Another user also challenged him to name who these Osinbajo campaigners are.

“Ohhh… Please. Shut your mouth. Why do you always lie effortlessly? If you are sure of this nonsense, drop the names. Yes, Reno, I challenge you, drop the names. Always using people’s predicament for clout chasing. Drop the names. Reno, drop the names of those people,” @Maami777 said.

@baloo_ayo called him out for the video which was posted across his social media platforms.

“This is a blatant lie. Your plan is to cause crack between the two people who were instrumental in kicking you out of power. No sensible person will believe this tweet,” he said.

@JaneAluko had a similar response. “The audacity of your tweets are sometimes embarrassingly naive! Touting imaginary summations and half-truths as fact, not everyone is as brazenly-uninformed as you are. Get your facts right before saying whatever comes into your brain!

“So you are part of Vice President campaigners because your own tweet on that can be seen everywhere,” @TethilaChayil said.

@TheresaTekenah said, “This lie doesn’t sell anymore. These guys have proven that there is no rift between them.”

Then @PapaEngagment put a simple question to Omokri. “Did Osinbajo’s people follow Tinubu for his consultation? Beer parlour talk,” he said.

@temmy_oluminde reaction was no different from that of many Nigerians. “Thank God no one believes this ranter these days. It’s a case of the fun of watching insanity on display in the market square, no one desires the mad man as a child.”



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