2023 : OAP Rufai Oseni under fire after saying that elections should be made less about money

2023 : OAP Rufai Oseni under fire after saying that elections should be made less about money

Oseni Rufai a media personality with AriseTv has come under fire when he tweeted that elections in Nigeria should be made less about money, if not, nothing will change.

Of late, Rufai who goes with the twitter handle, @ruffydfire has been controversial with his tweet. Rufai has claimed not to belong or support any political party, but only asked for good governance, but some of his follower sees his tweets to be politically motivated.

In his latest tweet, he said, “Nothing will change in 2023 the money bags will still dominate until We make elections less about money.”

This tweet did not go down well with some Nigerians on twitter. Read some of the reactions below.

@damola_ade77: This man keeps amazing me with every tweet he post. Presidential election anywhere in the world is about the money, either by crowd funding, party members contributions or corporate donations. If I a none journalist can know this, I expect nothing less from a “journalist”
@LuqmanRowaye: I don’t know how you will run a presidential campaign without money, state house of assembly self isn’t a joke.
@damola_ade77: I really dont understand the guy, he really needs to calm down with his tweets.
@LuqmanRowaye: He is trying to make sense ahead of 2023 in preparation for the brown envelope. But the opposite is the case.
@mertromatt: Tell us the budget of political parties in UK, USA during election . If you’re a man respond to this tweet.
@Jayaashy: That is what was said about Edo elections, no y’all were wrong, money flowed people collected and voted their conscience… If you have not voted before, you have no right to say things like this ..
@mikeillmatic: Ruffy! Student union elections costs money not to talk of presidential elections. The reason why Kingsley moghalu or madam oby can’t win elections is because their party has or had no structure. To build structure, you need money. Don’t be a novice
@OmoIyaRisi: Try and google how much was spent on US senatorial election on d average and maybe check the outliers too maybe u will understand then that elections all over d world are won mostly by who have d biggest bread
@kayodebakre8: That won’t happen until we stop running this system of democracy. As far as we are still on American system of Presidential election, we would spend plenty money. But then, no rich man has ever won election and preside over the country. We wait

The US elections in 2020 cost a record $14bn ,India cost around $8.7bn ,Kenya spend $600m on pre-election and elections related matters Elections is not a child play from logistics to publicity to negotiations and etc Elections Have its own GDP everywhere in the world Mr GDP!

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