How Nigerian Military man forcefully cut my hair with scissors, cocked his gun to shoot me

Soldiers who forcefully barbed a mans hair with scissors at Kurmin IDON Military Checkpoint to face disciplinary action

A twitter use with the handle, Freezle. Has narrated how he was stopped by Nigerian military on his way coming to Jos from Kaduna, after they had passed several check point

On getting to KURMI IDON, where they were stopped by a military personnel, who asked them to come down and take off their caps, he was the only one with much hair. Because of that, the military man insulted him and called him irresponsible for not having a low cut. In the event everything turned against him.

He said, “DO WE STILL HAVE RIGHTS IN NIGERIA? I have always been a patriotic Nigerian in speech and in action. But today I experienced the most embarrassing and humiliating thing in my life. I have heard this happen to people but it became real to me today.”

@pdshugar and @Kuturanki where coming to Jos from kaduna, we’ve passed serval checking points but on arriving a check point at “KURMI IDON” a military man asked us all to come down, he told all my friends to take off their caps and I was the only one with much hair, so he insulted me and called me Irresponsible because I was not on low cut.”

Comparing me with my friends. He went further to say I should go to a near by barbing saloon to cut my hair if not he won’t let us go, which I wasn’t ready to do.”

“So he asked his other colleague to cut my hair with a scissors, I pulled back, immediately, the other military guy cocked his gun to shoot me, and the other attempted to hit me with the head of his rifle. so i stood and the guy put the scissors into my hair.”

I was really pained not just because of my hair, but because of how hopeless I was & what our #NigerianMilitary has become. The military guy who tried to shoot at me kept calling me names & even said my parents must be useless to allow me move around with my hair style.”

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“At the time, I’ve thought of a million and one thing to do, but i didn’t take any action because I wasn’t sure of my life. I have been lamenting all through the journey to Jos.”

“This made me have a rethink of staying in Nigeria. Because it’s clear that you can loose your life if you don’t adhere to someone’s personal philosophy and religious beliefs because he has a gun and a camouflage on him.”

Right now I’m shocked, demoralized and hopeless about Nigeria.

#HumanRightsInNigeria is a failed course.


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