Nigerians reacts as Npower has reached out to graduates who before now, spent years looking for jobs

Nigerians reacts as Npower has reached out to graduates who before now, spent years looking for jobs

The Npower scheme has generated a lot of debate on social media as the scheme has reached out to graduates who before now, spent years looking for jobs.

In a tweet by a guy with the twitter handle, @MrIJOOS who has applauded the President Buhari’s administration for introducing the scheme. He said that No administration since 1999 has attempted to reach out to the least of the least, the poorest of the poor, like the Buhari administration.

he went ahead to say that programmes like Npower has reached out to graduates who before now, spent years pre 2016 looking for jobs. They’re not only paid stipends, but trained and given equipment to start up small businesses. Even to the extent of giving out brand new laptops, depending on the programme you are doing

He said, “This month alone, they have been paid twice, even as officials work round the clock to clear all outstanding payments. Pupils are being fed, graduates are exposed to work experience and impressive trainings in teaching, computer hardware and software, building, animation Scripting, culinary etc. Graduates or non graduates who didn’t get the most glamorous jobs in banks, oil companies, FMCG etc were often unattended to and abandoned by previous administrations. Left to suffer”

His post has generated a lot of reactions from Nigerians, who in one way or the other benefited or knows someone, who has benefitted from the scheme.

Read below the reactions of some Nigerians.

@Edward_Onoriode: My younger brother and sister are beneficiaries of Npower. My younger sister is doing pretty well for herself today with the knowledge she got from Npower. The program is real. I also know more than 20 beneficiaries of Npower program but I don’t know now effective it is now
@austin4gold: Until I can see at least one person I know benefitting from any of this, I have worked with way over 5,000 youths in Lagos and still counting , visited the poor of the poorest so if none has benefited then this is a scam as every other program
@AfolabiAfis: The population of Nigeria is over 200m, Lagos has over 20m habitats. With your 5000 sample, you’re discrediting schemes that are very evident even to the blind. I know more than 7 beneficiaries of npower alone. Expand your sampling scope and make use of the internet much better
@Oshofaze: Npower health volunteering for 3 years was admitted for my wife as work experience and got a reference to study accelerated nursing degree abroad after the end of her batch. This was the first FG program that wasn’t base on who you know before being selected, be abusing Buhari o!
@afamsson: My former girl friend that was earning #10,000 as a graduate private school teacher in Delta was greatly helped by Npower #30,000 stipends. I was the one that helped her to fill the form online, the #30,000 accumulate for 1 year helped her family to avoid homelessness.
@FulaniMohammed: I hope she is not one of them abusing Buhari and APC every day online with data bought from her 30k monthly allowance.
@Jideibraheem: One of my colleagues at my former place of work will forever be grateful to this administration, he and his wife are beneficiaries of Npower. According to him, Npower came to the rescue when there was no job, the experience gathered prepared him better for the Labour market.
@OluwakayodeKomo: Sharing #5000 to the poor will NOT solve any problem and it’s a very wrong economic policy for Nigeria.
@MrIJOOS: There are several levels of government/social intervention schemes. You must find a way of reaching the poorest of the poor. Even with resources that’s quite scarce
@NaijadonCast_30: Do you need to reach to them when you have already created a working economy where everyone is thriving? Don’t embarrass yourself by defending stupidity and incompetence
@AdepojuAShittu: Can you name one economy in the world where “everyone is thriving”? No amount of hatred will invalidate @MrIJOOS position, you can go and tell the beneficiaries how bad Buhari is and see if they won’t beat you.

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