WAR IN UKRAINE: Brief history and summary of why Russia is bombarding Ukraine

WAR IN UKRAINE: Brief history and summary of why Russia is bombarding Ukraine

For those of you, who do not know the reason why Russia is bombarding Ukraine, here is a Brief history and summary of why Russia is bombarding Ukraine, this summary was put together by @Madeo23 on twitter.

Ukraine was formerly a part of Soviet Union until the Soviet Union was divided into smaller states, Russia has lowkey wanted those smaller states back but prior to all this Soviet Union was largely responsible in helping to defeat Hitler and Germany in WWII and Had the most casualties suffered for any of the allied countries.

After the war though, Soviet Union grew a lot in military dominance and to combat this, NATO was formed and America being the primary member, the aim was to have a group of allied countries to fight In case Russia/soviet union threatened aggression to any Eu country.

There’s an article in the NATO treaty that says, ”an attack on one country is an attack against all countries in NATO”. This was to deter any attack by soviet on other countries.

Later though after Soviet Union was divided, Russia didn’t understand the reason for the continued existence of NATO and didn’t want ex soviet countries to join so that the western countries don’t gain a base to fuel attacks against them but America and other EU countries said Russia shouldn’t fear that every country has their right to choose to join or not.

Basically, Ukraine wants to join and have huge ties to the west and are embracing western ideas, also the US has helped Ukraine grow their military strength as a country and Russia sees this as an act of aggression cause Ukraine is close to their border and fear that whatever they do NATO and their allies could use that as an easy route to launch attacks against their country.

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Russia says Ukraine must recognize them as sovereign and tell NATO and American troops to back off, also noting that Russia had also taken a part of Ukraine called Crimea as theirs and launched cyberattacks on Ukraine.

So basically US and NATO are telling Russia Ukraine is an independent state that should choose what they want not Russia telling them what to do hence the war.


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