UKRAINE: Armed local men threatened to shoot us, if we don’t leave in 5 minutes Lady narrates their experience

UKRAINE: Armed local men threatened to shoot us, if we don’t leave in 5 minutes Lady narrates their experience

A lady on twitter has shared her experience on the road while travelling from Dnipro in Ukraine to Poland. they travelled as a group in with three cars.

She confirmed the presence of the heavily armed military guys everywhere, together with a lot of army tanks. They also encountered the presence of armed policemen, but there were no confrontation.

In her tweet Koko said, “So we are on our way to Poland from Dnipro, Ukraine by car – this is a thread of everything I see, hear and experience

We are still in Dnipro picking up people to head out as a group it’s fairly peaceful however there is military presence everywhere a lot of army tanks.

We’ve managed to get 3 cars together and we are finally heading out of Dnipro, there is armed police we have already encountered one but they let us get on our way without any trouble.

We were stopped by 3 armed police officers they checked our passports and residents permits and they let us head off.

There is hardly any cars on the road we are about 10 hours away from Lviv now.

I’m back online we are about 380km from Lviv now. We have encountered a lot of military and armed police on our journey. They often will stop you and either ask to check your documents and let you be on your way. Some are friendly others not so friendly.

If you are travelling by car travel as a group if you have any missing documentation sit at the back of the car and let those who have all documentation sit at the front, most do not speak English and trying to explain can be seen as hostility.

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The traffic is crazyyy – we are in Letichev. Armed police at the side of the road

We are about 4 hours away from Lviv. We’ve not encountered as much military and armed police. However there have been a few casualties on the road. We are okay, just tired.

We just stopped by a road side 3 hours away from Lviv to stretch our legs and there were some armed local men, who at first offered us directions but when got out of the car they told us if we don’t leave in 5 minutes they will shoot us and held up a gun.

We’re okay – we just got in the car and drove off. There is really bad traffic our ETA was 9am and now it’s saying 7pm. We haven’t reached Lviv yet

We saw a nigerian man walking along the roadside and we stopped to see if he was okay and asked him to join us in the car. He has come from Kyiv and friends left him on the side of the road because they don’t want to continue on with the journey.

He was waiting on the side of the road for over an hour (its cold) until we took him with us. He is showing us pictures of what he witnessed in Kyiv. He is very shaken up. He shared with videos of apartments being bombed in Kyiv.

He told us he has never seen anything like this in his life it’s like a horror movie, but he is feeling a lot safer now we have taken him with us and travelling as group. It can only be God.

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UPDATE: we have arrived in Lviv! We are just gonna stop over at a service station and decide our next move.

We are discussing with the girls in the hostel which way to go next. Some people are trying decide whether to go Poland, Hungary or Romania.

The girls travelled to Lviv via train from Dnipro and they are saying it was nightmare getting on the train and they are saying they felt some segregation between how Ukrainians were treated compared to the few black people on the train

We are being told there are 65 hour waits at the border from the people who are there, and we are trying to decide which is the best way to go. There is a lot of help in Poland and large African community but getting there is sounding like a nightmare

Ukraine changed my life, I’ve made so many memories here and built a real community and met some of the best people I’ve ever known. It’s so sad that this is how it has to end. Keep Ukraine in your prayers, nobody deserves what the people in Ukraine are going through.


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