David Umahi of Ebonyi State, has constructed 23 flyovers in less than 7 years

Governor David Umahi and flyover

The Ebonyi State governor Dr David Umahi, has constructed a total of 23 flyovers, in less than seven years of his administration. Governor Umahi has constructed about 10 Flyovers in the past 6 years.

There are 13 flyovers and 10 of the flyovers are double which means that Ebonyi have a total of 23 flyovers. One of the flyovers is 30 span, about 500m while another one has 6 entries and exits.

Governor David Umahi and flyover

However, it should be understood that these flyovers are just a part of many other infrastructural, economic and educational transformations that are ongoing in Ebonyi State as the state takes pride in building the biggest and arguably the best and most beautiful Shopping mall in Nigeria.

In Ebonyi it is called the microcosm of the macrocosm of the Dubai Mall, the biggest and most beautiful international market that is fully deployed, the best and most beautiful University of Medical Sciences and hospital, an ongoing outstanding international airport, over 600 roads constructed on 8 inches concrete pavement, ongoing construction of an Olympic stadium, regular payment of civil servants, massive empowerment for the youths, farmers and widows; massive care for the less privileged, jobs creation and employment, security of lives and property, etc.

Governor David Umahi and flyover

Governor Umahi believes in Ebonyi State as a state and not a segmented Ebonyi State. As the larger we are in unity, the better. This is equally his believe in Nigeria – a one united Nigeria.

Governor David Umahi and flyover

It is best to say that Ebonyi State has become the rejected stone that is becoming the chief cornerstone as no stone is left unturned under Governor David Umahi.

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Credit to Francis Nwaze


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