I Sleep’ with Other Men at Night for Money Without my Husband’s Knowledge, Mother of Five Confesses

woman confesses

A 30-year-old married woman who also serves a responsibility as a mother has confessed how hectic life was after the Covid-19 pandemic became a world disaster.

Every day after ensuring that her five children are asleep, Anna walks out, gets behind her house where she hides her night attire. Below a big flat stone, Anna removes a camouflage miniskirt which she uses to attract men outside, after attracting the men, Anna sells her body to them and they later give her money for the service she offered.

For five years, Anna has been working in Levis jeans garment industry factory located in Lesotho, the salary given there was not much so she went ahead and slept with a male colleague who in turn gave her an extra Ksh2300 that helped in sorting family issues.

After Covid-19 hit the world, most people lost their jobs including her, after the company announced that the company won’t be working, Anna stayed for one week at home then started visiting the streets to sell her body. She has done this without her husband’s knowledge.

To make sure that her husband is not aware of this, she dresses normally then after leaving the house, she goes for a short skirt that exposed her thighs and attracted a vast number of men, she has been doing this to provide for the family, and even as the covid numbers are running down, she doesn’t think of quitting the job.

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