Igbos have a lot to learn from the Yorubas — Joe Igbokwe

Igbos have a lot learn from the Yorubas — Joe Igbokwe

Joe Igbokwe, the special adviser on drainage and water resources to Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu has responded to a facebook post, where it was said that,

“If southwest could be considered for peace to reign during 1999 election, why won’t southeast be considered for peace to reign in 2023?”

In his comment, Igbokwe explained that MKO won a free and fair election, where he was denied his mandate, he was jailed later killed him, they killed his wife, even all his businesses were killed. Many prominent Yoruba leaders were forced into exile, and some in jailed in Nigeria.

He went on to say that Yorubas endured and waited, while they struggle and stood firm. Then, in 1999, Nigeria had no choice than to give them the presidency.

In his words, “Abiola won an election fair and square. They denied him his mandate , put him in jail and killed him, killed his wife Kudirat , killed all his businesses, killed many prominent Yoruba leaders and many of them forced into exile, and some in jail in Nigeria. Yoruba endured and waited.”

“They struggled, they stood firm, they almost fought alone. In 1999 Nigeria had no Choice than to cede the Presidency to the Yoruba nation. Yoruba was almost forced to war but they applied tact, commonsense, emotional intelligence and cultural competence. The rest is now history. Igbo have a lot learn from the Yoruba. This is the story.”

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