Kindergarten teacher allegedly flogged 3-year-old child until she fainted (video)


A 3-year-old girl was left with red marks on her back after she was allegedly flogged by her teacher. The girl, who is in kindergarten, reportedly fainted following the beating.

A Twitter user who spoke with the child’s mother shared a video of the girl on the platform and called on agencies responsible for such matters to act.

He said, “How can a kindergarten teacher be this heartless to a 3year old child?

…yesterday I saw a lady crying profusely, I got closer and asked her what happened she showed me her 3 year old daughter’s body
Her teacher manhandled the little girl still she fainted

Trauma is written all over the child’s face, she need help and she needs it urgently

Pls Retweet this till it gets out thereFolded hands

Tag any individual or agency that can take this case up pls tag them
The mother’s name is Mrs Faustina her number is 09096314420


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