Meet the identical twin, who vowed to get married to only one man, who agrees to marry both


Two beautiful twins have listed what they want from a man who will want to marry them. According to them, they are one; they grew up together, ate together, bathed together, wore the same clothes and attended the same school. They told the interviewer they were ready to settle down if only the man would marry both of them together.

Nothing is going to be able to break us apart. Any man who is ready for us must take both of us. Beautiful Twins Make Their First Public Appearance, announcing their intentions.

Shiru and Shiku have amazed people on the internet after listing their terms and criteria for any man who wants to marry either of them, but many people think this is a joke. They revealed that they have been together since birth. The 45-year-old twins revealed their condition to their potential suitors. They said no. Even a man couldn’t keep them apart, which is surprising.

Two lovely twins confessed that they had both fantasized about getting married to the same man, and that they had decided that they did not want to be separated because of marriage. They claim they get sick together; if one falls sick, the other will likely be sick too.

Shiru, one of the twins, said she was always sick while they were apart from one another. There were times when they were separated from each other and sent to different schools. They fell sick until they were back together. They became well once more.

The two claim to have written a song with identical lyrics at some point, despite the fact that they were separated by a long distance. They claim they love each other so much they must marry the same person. If not, they are happy to stay single for the rest of their lives.

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It’s time for the two women to find husbands and get married, but they’re only looking for one man who can commit to both of them. Is it difficult for men to deal with this situation? They want a man who will love them both and marry them both. They claim men always run away from them after revealing their condition to them.

The twins are looking for a man who will marry them both, but it seems hard as every man they have met has only indicated interest in one of them and is not ready to marry both of them. They are patiently waiting for their prince charming, who will marry them both, or else they will stay unmarried as they have vowed, not even men, marriage, or anything in this world can sperate them.


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