My Son Was Flogged To Death After Being Accused Wrongly For Taking Mkpuru Mmiri – Mother cries out


Mkpuru mmiri is a very hard drug which some Nigerian youths take. People who take these drugs are always flogged in public when they’re caught. This is not the first time we are hearing about Mkpuru mmiri, and many Nigerian youths have been caught severally taking the drug.

According to reports, a mother wept bitterly after her son was beaten to death for allegedly taking Mkpuru mmiri. According to the lady, she said she’s never seen her son take any hard drugs, and she believes her son doesn’t take any drugs not to talk of Mkpuru mmiri. But her son was caught by other youths of their community, and taken to a popular roundabout to flog him.

The boy was flogged for hours. According to the lady, she said her son was mercilessly beaten from 9 am to 12 pm until he collapsed and gave up the ghost. The lady said she’s very sure her son doesn’t take hard drugs, he was accused wrongly and murdered in cold blood.

The lady wept bitterly while insisting that her son was accused wrongly. But the people that flogged him said he took Mkpuru mmiri, that’s why they caught him and flogged him. But unfortunately, the flogging led to the young man’s death

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