Watch a video of about 6 year old boy, drinking alcoholic beer, while his mother dances beside him

toddler drinking alcohol

This is how parenting has degenerated, a boy of about 6 years old was seen drinking an alcoholic beer known as Star Radler and his mother was happily dancing beside him. A video circulating the social media shows a little boy consuming a full bottle of beer in the presence of adults during at a party.

In the viral video, the little boy presumed to be 3-year-old could be seen drinking from a bottle of beer beside a woman believed to be his mother, who was visibly seen dancing to a music played in the background.

Rocking a “30 BG Gang” necklace and a fitting hairstyle, the little boy drank with reckless abandon while also vibing to the music playing in the background.

The viral video has triggered a lot of condemnation from social media users who tagged the incident as “bad parenting”.

Watch the video below:

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