Woman who spent 25years in UK found sleeping on the street of Lagos after her tenant allegedly sold her house


A woman has resorted to sleeping on the street of Lagos after she allegedly spent 25 years in the UK only to return to Nigeria to find out that her tenant sold off her house.

Twitter user @Diixixme shared the story below:

I saw this woman yesterday, at Festac 5th avenue by 51 road sleeping around 5th avenue t junction i thought she’s mad woman someone told me she’s not mad I decided to meet her this night & ask here the problem she begin to tell me her story in brief that she was deported from UK

And her tenant sold the house, she reported the case to Police, Police compromise the case and take her to detention she was detained for 3 months I really pity her because her situation need serious attention so, I decided to collect her number and bring her case here

Her name is Florence Owanogo, 65 years old anyone that is willing to help should come to festac 5th avenue by 51 road junction where she now sleep and her house address that was sold is house 23 M close 5th avenue.

She spent 25 years in UK struggling just imagine this kind of wickedness I said to her ma’am, all i can do for you is to take your case to social media we might find someone who is willing to help she said is alright & I asked for her permission to snap her she said is alright.

I see love and kindness from this woman her name is Nkechi Okoye, she’s the one helping Mrs Florence Uwanogo with food and other stuffs she sell pure water and biscuit along 5th avenue close to Rufaida Yoghurt shop. with the little she has she still have the heart to help

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You can reach Nkechi on this number 09129138854 in case because Mrs Florence Uwanogo phone number is not reachable and I couldn’t find her this morning but here is her number 09153491289.


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