EXPOSED: Celebrity parties are avenues used for cleaning dirty money, Nigerians Reacts

EXPOSED: Celebrity parties are avenues used for cleaning dirty money, Nigerians Reacts

In recent time, we have seen where celebrates spray money to their friends, when ever they are having a party. Some of them will post it on their Instagram page, while people will hail them, some will envy them while some will ask, “where una de see all these money”

It has been revealed that when you see top shots celebrates, throwing and spraying money around, something is at stake. You will see a skit maker, who just started making skit, will be spraying money to a top celebrity, who did he made the money.

According to a tweet by Ndi Kato on twitter, who made the revelation, that celebrities uses parties as an avenues, where dirty money are being cleaned, in other words, celebrities uses their parties to launder money.

He said, “Celebrity parties are avenues for cleaning money. You can take “dirty” money, spray them at these parties & they become legit. The person can then take it to the bank. The people spraying don’t own the money; they cant afford it. They are tools for laundering.”

His tweet, which was an eye opener to some Nigerian, made them to react. read some of the reactions below.

@Mo-Mo: And suddenly, everything makes sense!
@The Psalmist: It all makes sense now… POWER… Ghost (James St. Patrick) TRUTH (The Night Club) Cleaning illegal money. It’s all beginning to make sense now! Damn!
@Solomon Okechukwu: Was Truth really cleaning? Tasha did the cleaning through Laundromat Ghost built Truth cause he wanted out, wanted to go legit. Scenes he kept telling Tommy “the club can’t be used as a front” I can be corrected though.
@Ter: Most sources of these monies are from government coffers embezzled by politicians,some transfer these monies abroad them move the loots back through different accounts and pickers collect their shares or percentage
@OpuiyoMike:And also all those expensive lounges and bars in Abuja and other cities, that people hardly visit, but they keep, maintaining their staffs and stuff, are major tools also.
@Ndi Kato:Yup! Tosin shei you can see it. Make e no be say I be bad belle. They are laundering money. Right from that big party that happened that time that everyone was screaming about. It wasn’t a “show off”, it was a massive money cleaning event. Them really try.
@olamdig: This is 💯 plausible. I once painted this kind of scenario to a friend. I won’t be surprised if that is what is going on.
@YarKafanchan: Ozark will clear your eye. That show is probably sponsored by the FBI or CIA to open the eyes of people to money laundering activities around them.
@ifobreed: Someone will go to a club and buy drinks worth of 8m and still pay and people still doesn’t know they are cleaning the money. A lot of parties in Lagos these days are avenue to launder money

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