UKRAINE: Russian troops, moving across Ukraine, City-by-city as 9 people died in Chernihiv school strike

UKRAINE: Russian troops, moving across Ukraine, City-by-city as 9 people died in Chernihiv school strike

Russia’s brutal offensive in Ukraine has made gains in the north and south including the capture of its first major city, but Kyiv is still standing firm after meeting unexpected resilience from Volodymyr Zelensky’s fighters.

Vladimir Putin is seeking to sever the country’s connection to the Black and Azov seas with his latest manoeuvres after plans to seize the capital stalled.

The Russian military said it had control of Kherson, and local Ukrainian officials confirmed that forces have taken over local government headquarters in the Black Sea port city of 300,000.

Heavy fighting is continuing throughout the country with Russian forces pressing on multiple fronts, as tactics switched to the escalation of bombardment of major cities, reducing them to rubble.

But the main body of the huge Russian column advancing on Kyiv remains 19 miles from the city centre, delayed by Ukrainian resistance, mechanical breakdown and congestion.

A week after Putin launched his savage campaign, MailOnline assesses the progress made by Russian forces on the major cities which have been fiercely defended by the defiant Ukrainians.

After launching the invasion last week, Russia made clear its plans to quickly seize the capital, with Western security officials fearing they would overthrow the government and implement their new regime within days.

But Putin’s troops have met incredible resistance and have failed to capture the city where Zelensky remains.

Kyiv has so-far escaped what observers feared would be Russian attempts to surround and bomb it into submission, after skirmishes in the outskirts led to Moscow’s men being pushed back.

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But continued shelling and aerial bombardment are now a feature of life in the city where air raid sirens blare every 15 minutes and schools and homes are targeted.

Zelensky said that Russian land forces have stalled and Moscow is now unleashing air attacks, but that they are being parried by Ukrainian defense systems.

Source: Daily Mail


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