OAP Rufai Oseni dragged by Nigerians after saying that politicians should show their health report

OAP Rufai Oseni dragged by Nigerians after saying that politicians should show their health report

Oseni Rufai a media personality with AriseTv has come under fire when he tweeted that politicians should show their health report before taking any political position.

Rufai said via his twitter that, “Nigerians forget so easily, we have all forgotten the constitutional crisis the ensued after the death of President Yaradua. We must encourage our politicians to show us their health report, once you are in public office, you are public property.”

Some reactions followed his tweet:

Sesu-Josep Don’t you know that you can die tomorrow despite your good health today. Which kind mumu be this?

@Eyitayo_AA: I agree. I also advocate for Journalists showing us their degrees before giving us important news and information.

@Kingy_Rossy: You journalist wey no Sabi find facts… Show us your training certificate as a journalist, and other qualifications obtained to be called a “journalist”

@abiri_olubunmi: Show us your certificate that make you think you have right to ask for their certificate first

@Femiotunba1: Even Yar’Adua show his medical report,you don’t know that because you allow your emotions over cloud your sense of reason, medical reports don’t determine when one dies @ruffydfire if you still doubt BAT health and age check through his records form his time as senator till date

@PeeGeeMax: There was actually no constitutional crisis FOLLOWING the death of President Yaradua. His Vice, who was already Acting President was sworn in according to the provisions of the constitution. You can check your records.

@messithelastdon: I’d also recommend journalist show us their degree certificates. Pls no forgery oh. Cos some journalist way of reasoning is beneath ants.

@MKO_Abiodun:People with seemingly good health die 🤷

Stop this covert wishing of death on people. That person may outlive both you and I. People die everyday.

@AJaharuna: You should know that death can come anytime, anywhere & anyhow. Balewa, Murtala weren’t sick b4 they were assassinated & neither. was Abacha’s heath bad before he diedBut fell sick but still alive but some who weren’t sick had died. This is not amudo discussion, I don’t but it.


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