SHOCKING VIDEO: IPOB/ESN have started recruiting child soldiers for combat mission. Nigerian Reacts


A viral video has shown where the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and their security arm Eastern Security Network (ESN) were recruiting child solders in the south Eastern part of Nigeria.

The video show where a little boy of about 5 years old was asked to demonstrate how to handle a gun (AK-47) and was asked to release a shot, which the little boy did.

A twitter user has posted the video and wrote, “IPOB/ESN have started recruiting child soldiers for combat mission in the South East region of Nigeria. Highly condemnable, children deserve education NOT guns.”

Nigerians on twitter have reacted to the video below

musajidda – No business person in any part of the world, will like to associate himself with any form of violence. The Igbo community I know are business oriented set of people, this IPOB of a thing is being led by hungry Igbo people, the rich Igbo community should find a way to empower them

ify_ndubesti – This is staged bro, don’t associate your self with fake/staged news.

Ashiwajulhannie – I don’t understand , the voice is clear , we saw the child handle a gun , we say the Biafra flag. Define fake again?!

Ter94353588 – Recruiting children to fight ethnic wars has not worked anywhere, Boko Haram did more than this it still failed to yield any positive results,if this ipob menace continues before 2023 elections the military will move in and it will be sorrow, tears and blood

Olusayo_Fad – Gaskiya SE is done for. Where are the elders who went to plead on NK’s case. Where are there intellectuals, Kings, politicians, elderstate men

Jaffnoni – He is challenging the military, if the military deploys battle hardened North east soldiers, they will start tagging Isreal, UN and USA.. They should giving evidence, so when next they wreck a havoc, they can’t blame DSS

saka_3rd – E don reach like this? When Boko Haram is getting spent, ESN is bracing up. Issokay

GBOLAHANadekit1 – Wow… SouthEast is gone then. 10 years they will battling like Boko Haram.



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