Random tweets of the fake lifestyle of a Lagos babe


This is a random tweet from Twitter, discussing the fake lifestyle of some Lagos babes. This post is in no way meant to denigrate women who are legitimately working hard to earn a living.

Read some of the tweets below and use the comment section to air your views.

@lollypzle: Girls now look for money to leave Mainland, rent small apartment in Agungi, no job, no source of income, just one fine boyfriend to snap pics with and tonnes of sugar daddies for servicing. 3 months later, CLA 250. “I’m into real estate” Akiika

@Sheddy_ekele: This is so true, they are countless in osapa london and ologolo.These girls are home 24hrs and only work In the weekends with exotic cars.

🤣🤣 i said that sometimes last year and people came for my head on this bird app.

I’m a plumber and I work on the island, this girls are mostly runs girl living fake lives and leveraging on horny sugar daddies.

@medlezy: They don’t even rent a flat they convert a flat into hostel in a building u can see about 15teen ppl living in 2bed ,the living room bedrooms all converted u as a landlord will never know until u visit ur apartment

@Sodiqcater_: Lagos girls go dy drive 2019 S class .. dy stay in her own house for phase two.. no work , nothing , nothing . Who you think say dy run am for them?

@lamman_1: Just know say babe borrow my Benz go birthday party and said it’s her own, I borrowed her for two good weeks sha. Also she use my guy house for ikate as snap chat location , her real house na 1 bedroom for ajah .   If you no sharp you go pay her 1m for a night . Ah finesse 😂

@im_a_kop: Lol. Lagos big boys legit pay 1m for a night and I’m not even capping. I happen to have been in a circle where a dude paid a babe 3m for an all inclusive weekend. No jokes.

Kept saying ‘I gotta have her’ when some of us tried protesting.

Una dey craze for that Lagos for real.

@waleLekki: The funniest thing is some of these ladies are really working hard and they living fine but the way you pple generalize them Ehn….small time, same you pple will start saying police see boys dress nice and jump into conclusion.  Some boys don’t leave their houses yet make money

@Yhomitr01: What is the legitimate source of income compared to the lifestyle

@waleLekki: Do pple don’t work from home this day? Pple do legit business on their phones, laptops etc and make serious money. What lifestyle are you talking about? Pple should not drive, dress well, smell nice and hangout again? Abeg allow people to live their life

@jpwmcu: Bruv, life doesn’t work that way. Unless the said people have rich backgrounds. An young girl driving such cars without any substantial source of income is fishy. Same with guys too. You dont make such money from selling wigs on whatsapp. Everybody for don buy glk na

@jerrykoko100: I used to have a friend like that. She’s always at home during the day. When I asked if she doesn’t go to work she said she’s working remotely. Na later my guy tell me say na hookup she dey do 😂😂



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