“This country doesn’t care about it’s citizens one bit” Man said Nigerian Govt abandoned students from Ukraine to sort tickets to their respective destinations


A twitter user has narrated how the federal government abandoned students from Ukraine to sort tickets to their respective destinations in less than 15hrs.

he said this, after the FG had evacuated some stranded Nigerians, schooling in Ukraine where there is an ongoing war. Despite the fact that the government supported the evacuees with $100 each, put them in a hotel and gave them new sim card with free airtime worth N5000.

Nathan said, “So, a little story. Remember that my friend in Ukraine i mentioned to you? The FG brought them back to Nigeria on Friday, they landed around 3am, and were lodged at a hotel in Wuse without further information.”

“Got to the hotel by 1pm & asked my friend how long the FG said they could stay at the hotel till they sort flight tickets to their respective destinations, and she said they weren’t informed; another student confirmed it. So, i went down to the reception to inquire, and i was told they had till 4pm that day to leave.”

“The FG brought students from a war zone & expected them to sort tickets to their respective destinations in less than 15hrs. I was utterly disappointed that day. We had to pay to extend her stay for one night. This country doesn’t care about it’s citizens one bit.”

Nigerians have reacted

@OvieNews: NIGERIA doesn’t care about the evacuees from Ukraine one bit but paid for their accomodation ,feeding and heating while in Europe. Paid for their flights back home,gave them new sim card with N5000 to call families after landing,pay for hotel,then give each $100 extra for taxi.

@yinkus772003: The tweeter is mad 😠 really? How many days do they need to book a flight or get to transport park to a destination inside the same country ? 🙄

@MaziUbadire: You see the entitlement mentality you people have, that govt will do everything for you, will kill you people. Someone the govt gave $100 with new sim of free 5k airtime, you still want the govt to carry them to their door steps. Haba what sort of people are you.

@charisgateNG: Tell your friend to go get another visa , buy another ticket to Ukraine, and find her way back to nigeria. Then lodge in a hotel and stay as long as she wants. You ll thank me later 👍 mbok

@sirdemmy: Let me assume you are in pry 5 and explain what a decent person should’ve done… unlike your friend. 1st, you take a long nice rest. 2nd. Have something to eat from the $100 given by FG, not Buhari to each returnee. 3rd. Get a phone(prolly from one of the hotel staff, pay them if you must, or recharge their phone) and call your parents or loved ones.

Unless you’re a problem child that they tossed of to Ukraine, they’ll work out a plan that is solid to get you back…while thanking FG not Buhari in the process.


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