The dangerous thing about Nigeria is that it has killed too many dreams — Singer Simi says, Nigerians react


Popular Nigerian singer, Simi said choices made by leaders have killed so many dreams of young Nigerians.

Highlighting the cost of fuel, ASUU strike amongst other things affecting the country, Simi mentioned that for every one person that is living their dreams, there are thousands just trying not to die.

On her Twitter page, she wrote: “I think the most dangerous thing about Nigeria is that it has killed too many dreams. All the things that we’ll never get to see because the nation is not conducive enough for the average person to dream and build.

“For every one person that is living their dreams, there’re thousands just trying not to die. It’s a hard truth, but it is the truth.

“You can’t just say ‘Chase your dreams’ – when people are studying courses they settled for and then spend 8 years doing a four-year course, because of strike.

“You cannot just say ‘if you can think it, you can do it’ – when the capital you’re supposed to use to buy product has become fuel money. Can’t just say ‘Get up and make it happen’ when you spend half your adult life in senseless traffic on bad roads going to a job you hate.

“You cannot just say ‘Take risks’ when people just trying to get by are kidnapped and killed in broad daylight.

“I wish our leaders would actually settle down and think about how their choices not only affect the economy, and other obvious sectors of the country, but also how it’s destroying our potential for a great future.

“The ripple effect of wickedness is thorough. And when this generation of leaders finally gets old enough to leave us alone, I hope it would not be too late.”

Nigerians Reacts below:

@Iyaboawokoya: I think the beautiful thing about “the abroad” is that it makes all dreams come true. That is why there are no poor people in USA/UK/Canada/Europe and even Ghana that we love. This is why I encourage all youths to “japa” and make their dreams come true.

@davidofor: This how you were before Nigeria k!lled your dreams.

It is unfortunate that you do hit on your country just for popularity.

Shame, name any saner clime celebrity that will go so low on his/her country.We move sha

Nigeria is a dream killer singer Simi says

@Danielregha: Nigeria is no doubt underdeveloped but saying “it has killed too many dreams” is incorrect cos despite the struggles a lot of people have excelled. Truth be told most Nigerians especially the youths want to be successful without tapping into their potentials, that’s the problem.

@green_rebel234: Why are these yeyebrities always sewing negativity threads? Tell me which country where every dream ever came true. In America, hundreds of millions pursue the so-called American dream but few get to live those dreams. Does it mean America kills dreams? Sense is far from you.

@emenuelpeters16: The fact that some Nigerians park their dreams and hopes on Twitter, lamenting and dragging their country because of their unrealistic sense of entitlement doesn’t mean others are not making it.

@kenethokoko: How much have you paid in taxes to the Nigerian state in the last 10 years? Abi you think say your contemporaries in the countries you compare with Nigeria ever evade taxes and walk free to tweet Yeye things like you’re doing?

@susanHenshaw50: How many Hollywood actors and actresses wait tables for years, before a break. And thousands that wait table for years, (living out of their cars, because rents in Los Angeles are not for the faint of pocket), then leave empty handed and broken.

@adewalelekan07: You guys just postulates without proper thoughts behind it. The abroad u are comparing Nigeria with that don’t kill dreams, what stood out about them. What percentage of their population ve a university degree? To just use that as a reference. The only thing is credit.

With credit facility with whatever they do, d banks is there to help them start, either mortgage, student loan, car hire purchase etc. Here our banks can’t give such facilities bcoz we are dishonest ppl. Govt gave covid grants ppl ain’t playing back, some bank too gave…

Small loans to help meet needs, what happens, Nigerians refuse to pay back. Dish such accounts, change residence and addresses. Do u blame that on govt. Govt gave grants to start a business, many use such to travel out etc. You blame Nigeria. Govt privatize NEPA. U blame govt.

For d inefficiencies of d private companies. If govt terminate contracts with such companies, govt is liable billions in damages. So what’s wrong with us as a people then?

Nigeria is a dream killer singer Simi says


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