Senator Uba Sani has moved a motion on the floor of the Senate in respect to the continuing attacks on communities and public facilities in Kaduna State.

Senator Uba Sani has moved a motion on the floor of the Senate in respect to the continuing attacks on communities and public facilities in Kaduna State.

Senator representing Kaduna Central in the National Assembly, Senator Uba Sani has moved a motion on the floor of the Senate in respect to the continuing attacks on communities and public facilities in Kaduna State.

Speaking of the floor of the Senate on Tuesday, the Senator asked the Senate to note that terrorists have in recent times stepped up attacks on some communities and public facilities in Kaduna State.

The latest attacks by these murderous elements took place in some communities in Giwa Local Govt, namely Angwan Sarki Yahya, Tashar Shari, Bare-Bari, Tsaunin Natal, Dillalai, Durumi and Jatin Kanwa, all on Yakawada Ward. Other places include Kaya community, Mai kyauro and Fatika.

According to the Senator, the terrorists killed 50 persons and kidnapped over 100 people. They also made strategic roads in Giwa Local Government no go areas.

“Not done with their devilish acts, they made an attempt to penetrate the Kaduna International Airport. Although the attack was foiled by vigilant security operatives, one person lost his life.”

“When people were trying to come to grips with a week long wanton destruction of lives and property, the terrorists struck again.”

Senator Uba Sani urged the senate to note also that bandits attacked a Kaduna bound train carrying over 970 passengers around Kateri – Rijana axis in Kaduna, just a few kilometers to the Rigasa Train Station in Igabi Local Government Area of the State.

“The train derailed after the first wave of attacks. Grenades and RPG were used. They rained bullets on all the coaches. Some passengers were killed, while many sustained bullet wounds.”

“There are reports that some of the passengers were abducted. The terrified passengers only breathed a sigh of relief when security agencies arrived and secured the train and the area. It’s been a reign of undiluted terror.”

“The Senate notes that these latest attacks are aimed at instilling fear in the people and destroying the economies of our local communities.”

“It is disheartening that these enemies of the people are getting emboldened by the day. They are becoming more brazen. These blood cuddling vampires have no regard for human life. They have no place in a civilized society.”

“The Senate notes that the unrelenting attacks calls to question the strategies and tactics being adopted by our security forces. We expected that with the declaration of bandits as terrorists by a court of competent jurisdiction, they will be degraded in no time.”

“This appears not to be happening. The security forces must reassess their strategies and come up with workable and effective solutions to the menace of terrorists in Kaduna State.”

The Senator brought to the awareness of the Senate that the forests where these terrorists are holding sway are not impregnable.

He called for a comprehensive operational plan, executed with high sense of professionalism and responsibility, total commitment on the part of our security forces and the support and cooperation of the local communities will rid Kaduna State forests of these murderous elements.

“Aware that security is local, and therefore the advocacy for creation of State Police to bring law enforcement closer to the people. Effective gathering of intelligence and sustained security operations at the local level will make life uncomfortable for terrorists.“

Senator Uba Sani “once again draw the attention of the Federal Government, particularly security agencies comprising the Nigerian Police, the Nigerian Army and other relevant security agencies to the grave security situation in Kaduna State and other states of the federation.”

Following the motion by Senator Uba Sani, the Senate reached some resolutions accordingly and they include

1. Observe a minute’s silence for the repose of the souls of our loved ones and pray for the safe release of the abducted members of the affected communities;

2. Urge the Army and the Air Force to carry out sustained bombardment of terrorist enclaves with a view to flushing them out and restoring peace and stability to our communities;

3. Direct the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) and other relevant government agencies to assist the affected communities with relief materials;

4. Urge our people to remain vigilant and report any suspicious movements to security operatives;

5. Condole the families of the victims of the attacks and the government and good people of Kaduna State.

6. Urge Mr. President, GCFR, to declare full scale war against these terrorists so as to secure our territory from the terrorists;

7. Urge our security agencies to take steps to prevent this kind of incident to happen in the future;

8. Urge the Nigerian Military to put special focus on the vicinity of Nigerian airports especially the Abuja Airport; and

9. Urge the relevant agencies of the government to step up their information gathering mechanism to forestall this kind of incident.


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