IPOB/Biafra Vs Tinubu/Yoruba: Tolerance Becoming A Crime

IPOB/Biafra Vs Tinubu/Yoruba: Tolerance Becoming A Crime

1. Why do we hate Tinubu?
What for?

2. Tinubu never worked with federal or Eastern Nigeria let alone stealing money from Ndi Igbo.
He never worked as Minister or taken any Federal Appointment.

3. He never joined APGA let alone sabotaging our Party’s interest?

4. Tinubu didn’t meddle in Igbo internal affairs either!

5. Why do we call him thief?
What did he steal?

6. We call Yoruba “slaves”.
We never reflect on what it means to be slaves in the true sense of the word.

7. We are putting mouth in Lagos politics without caution, yet we have a proverb that says it is the foolish housefly that follows the corpse into the grave.

8. Can Yoruba man become an Association or Local Government Chairman in the East? Let us be sincere with ourselves.
Yet, we enjoy all these privileges here including Assembly Membership!

9. Why asking for what we can’t give?

10. We are here helping the “slaves” to develop their land. Who then is a slave?

10b. You call their city a no man’s land so that we can further be enslaved
slaving to develop it, and our generations are wasted gloating over mere privileges.
Who is a slave?
Do we actually think?

11. Can Yoruba tell Okorocha “o to gee” in Owerri?
He doesn’t even need it.
He is too intelligent to die for a pot of ofe manu or nothing.

12. After the civil war, for many of us who were old enough to have witnessed it, the Yoruba were the first to open their arms to receive and accept us as we were, crude savages in search for means of survival.
It was regardless of what we equally did to them before and during the civil war. No party to the civil war was innocent!
I also remember not paying any rent among Yoruba guys without a penny for my first 3years in Lagos and another 2 years in Ibadan.

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13. Can we survive Yoruba attack in Yoruba land if they actually mean to?
Will an
Mbaise man cooperate with the Nsukka or Afikpo, or the Imo with Anambara?

14. If we all decide to relocate at once, Babangida send me home phenomena is still in the memory of some of us who survived the incessant and uncontrollable spate of robbery across the Onitsha bridge.
How many people will want to go in spite of our empty pride?

15. If Yoruba people are as foolish as we foolishly think, why agitating?
How will agitating be to our benefit?

16. Why not “O to gee” in Abia, Enugu or Owerri?

17. Can a man from Aba become a Commissioner or Perm.Sec. in Enugu State Civil Service?
Yet it happened here!
Why not be careful.

18. We adopted APGA and but “wisely” voted PDP.
How was Tinubu our headache.
Was he the cause of our downfall?
Why always blame others for our
inabilities and want to take glory for any small thing we think we have done well and even overblow it?

19. We claim we were so creative during the civil war.
Now history.
We also claim every made in Nigeria is from Aba.
But go to Oyo and Osogbo to see what “lazy” mechanics
are doing quietly in the automobile industry, yet we make noise that other ethnics are either mumu or lazy except we (alagbara ma mero baba ole; the most hardworking humans who cannot develop their own land unfortunately).

20. Why looking for avoidable problem? Why?

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21. It was you in the North being attacked, in Malaysia being killed, in Gabon and Ghana being molested. 99.9% of Nigerians killed in South Africa are of Igbo extraction, and sometimes by fellow ‘hardworking’ Igbo. Why?

22. We choose Kanu and he dictates to us without consultation with any one of us. They choose Tinubu who becomes a hero among them by bowing to or adopting the choice of their majority.

Why are we angry?
We chose Azikwe and they chose Awolowo.
How are they more mumuish
followers than ourselves?
Zik became a President and we gained from it, Awo was only a Premier, but we are only struggling to beat their records in all ramifications including education till today.
How are they mumus?
We chose APGA and they chose APC, why agitating?

Yoruba are yet to say Tinubu is their problem why do we want to die for nothing?
Why working in APGA but planning to collect salaries in APC?

I pray for the success of Biafra, but do we still remember that as Igbo we will automatically become foreigners on the streets of the
Lagos we call a no Man’s land?

How many of us will actually want to relocate home, should Biafra actualises or if citizenship is on the condition that you relinquish all other citizenship in Africa?

We leave that answer to the individual.
Nwayo nwayo biko unu.


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