Men come faster when having sǝx with somebody they love. How to last long in bed

Men come faster when having sǝx with somebody they love. How to last long in bed

This is for ladies who call men 2 mins men, some do because they have feelings for you. They are emotional beings too. Some men will last for hours while some last for few mins. But don’t worry, you might even last for 8hrs in bed & she will cheat on you.

Men this is for you so please pay attention and share to help others. Know that you are not less of a man for coming quickly

RULE 1: DO NOT judge yourself with just 1 round. That’s pathetic of you

Who knows, you might be Johnny sins or a fuck machine from your round 2

So I advice you allow your lady try the following on you

(put your imaginations into work) Now let’s get dirty

• hold his d!ck and rub it around your pvssy, dip it in so that your pussy juice will wet it and get it ready.

Now stick the d!ck in and Ride him slowly!!

• very slowly and gently

While he hold your n!pples in between his shaking lips, crushing them softly as he tickles them with his tongue, I want you to moan for him

My king, please moan while her wet creamy pvssy rides you

Now Drip all those cream on his sweet d!ck. Make him CUM!!

Don’t Fucking stop, Just keep riding on a steady speed

soak him with your pleasant juices & let him CUM. Don’t stop! Until he drowns in that sweet pvssy


Dear men this is where your round 2 starts. this is where you use the following techniques to last longer in bed.

1. THE ‘STOP-START’ TECHNIQUE This technique calls for you to reduce stimulation when you are about to climax. This is all about you withdrawing from your partner during intercourse, for like 1 min & you go in again For instance;
• You hit 10 slow deep strokes in her pussy, you pull out & eat that pussy, she won’t notice you’re doing this technique. Repeat again, change position & keep fucking, You feel me? Some kings can relate to this

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2. THE ‘SQUEEZE’ TECHNIQUE When you’re about to climax during sex, withdraw & firmly squeeze the tip of your dick using your thumb & index finger to prevent it. from the first moment u feel a slight urge, pull out & Squeeze for a few secs until the urge to ejaculate diminishes.

3. THE ‘SLOW-DOWN’ TECHNIQUE As a general rule, rapid thrusting will result in a faster climax. Therefore, using a slower, more measured technique will delay ejaculation & give your dick less stimulation, helping u to last longer.

Kings there is no need for you to hit that pussy in a rush, you will end up cumming so fast.

Just give it to her slowly, deeply & steady🤤😋 She go enjoy you scatter.

she go moan passionately for you and you go last longer in bed just for her.

4. THE ‘CHEEK-BITE’ TECHNIQUE Giving yourself a jolt of pain is a way of delaying ejaculation. When u feel you’re about to cum, bite the inside of your cheek – or bite one of your fingers – really hard. This can help to kill your erection & give you a few extra mins of action

5. MENTAL DISTRACTION Forcing yourself to focus on something other than sex will reduce your enjoyment during intercourse & it is one of the best ways to last longer. imagine if you’re able to combine the ‘stop-start’, the ‘slow-down’, & mental distraction techniques on her.

Omo you will last longer than 45 mins

I am a big believer of synergy and I suggest you combine the techniques together while u fvck her
& If your partner finishes too soon, try to approach this topic as a Team.

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Avoid placing blame, and let them know that you want to work together to build physical and emotional intimacy.

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