Nigerians react as Godwin Emefiele says he focuses on robust monetary policy, fighting inflation which is a global problem


Godwin Emefiele, the Central Bank of Nigeria’s governor, took to his twitter handle, where he made it clear that his focus at this time is a robust monetary policy and fighting inflation which is now a global problem. Building a strong financial system in an increasingly uncertain global economy.

Emefiele went on to say that, development finance and supporting farmers & manufacturers in our self sufficiency and import substitution drive; raising N15 trillion for InfraCo infrastructure financing; Building a world class International Financial Center in Lagos; as we support the Buhari Administration to finish strong. He ended the tweet with #NoDistractionsPlease.

You will recall that the CBN governor was seen at the just concluded APC national convention, which took place on the 26th of Match, 2022.

Prior to that, there have been speculations that the CBN governor is eyeing the no 1 position in Nigeria and his poster where seen all over.

However, Nigerians on twitter have reacted to his tweet. You can find it below.

@misqeen10: Supporting the Infraco needs urgent monitoring so that this will not take the steps of the Electricity Genco & Disco. Sir, the policies are okay but more honest & enforcement personnel are needed on ground to actualize the dividend and your promises to Nigerian. God Bless You sir

@adexshehu: They’re too small to distract you, remain focused sir, till you get to aso rock and change this beautiful country of ours positively

@horlarhorpah: Goddie, we dey see ur posters ooo. u no dey aspire 4 d highest office of d land in 2023 again?

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@henry97104151: By finishing strong you mean until $1 is #1000 and you clear our small money in the banks with charges that no one can explain. I say Weldon sir you are doing a good job

@OlufemiAwoleyi: Is this a rebuttal or disclaimer?

@teslimshittabay: Global best practice is that the Central Bank governor stays in the rarefied bubble of monetary policy. Allowing himself to be dragged into the mire of partisan politics, the CBN gov would be breaking bread with disaster.

@Oweh1: Before Inflation became a global problem, you and this administration have thrown us into it like were dem dey throw meat inside newly prepared soup. Also note, if after 7 years you are unable to help the Naira and the attendant inflation. You can’t do it in 1 year.

@_greatdre: Bros you Dey contest abi otherwise no Dey disguise Abeg

@frank_obiora: My questions to you are;

1. Are you truly a card carrying APC member.

2. Do you have your eyes on Aso Rock whilst still the Governor of the Apex bank.



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