Nigerians reacts as Nursing mom loses her 3-months-old baby at a crèche

Nursing mom loses her 3-months-old baby at a crèche

A Nigerian mum is bereaved after she suddenly lost her three-month-old baby after leaving the child at a Creche. Twitter user @Lolo_cy who shared the sad story online said no one knows what happened to the baby only that the mother came back to pick her baby’s dead body.

”A friend dropped her 3 months old healthy baby at creche and she came back to pick his dead body. Nobody understands what happened The teachers at the creche said they don’t know what happened. My God in heaven! I am beyond hurt.

This woman just wanted to get back to her job and needed somewhere safe to keep her baby. She found a creche literally 2 mins from home. God!!!!! This is too much.”

Nigerians reacts as Nursing mom loses her 3-months-old baby at a crèche

Nigerians reacts as Nursing mom loses her 3-months-old baby at a crèche

Read the reactions below

Titilayotade – Please, let them do an autopsy to determine cause of death.
It’s very important, if it’s a medical issue, then they will identify it and know what to do to help the other children they will have.
It will also show if there was foul play.

Godmyonlyhelper – I hope her workplace will expect her to be at work tomorrow and discharge her duties as if nothing happened?
Me: Any woman preparing for home building, should do that first and forget about this type of work and search for job when done with the number kids you wanted. My Opinion

j_butney – So who will employ someone with zero or wide gap experience or skill?. If they say give married women special preference during employment, it’s you lot that will still scream NO

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Godmyonlyhelper – My dear, there is no justification in leaving a 3 months old baby with a total stranger for over 10 hrs daily,when the baby needs her mother the most. Which work be that , wtf!

OnojaKemi – This is quite insensitive. No mother will willingly leave her child with a stranger if she has options. I understand your opinion but insensitive right now cos her child is dead

Mimi46790797 – How can you leave a three months old baby at creche, someone that still requires exclusive feeding.
Omo!!, What’s so difficult in sacrificing your work for some months to take care of your child.
Both parents don’t deserve pity I swear!!!

Vendawoman – I know the pain very well I dropped my 10months old very much healthy to a creche in January and I went back to fetch his dead body nobody knows what happened to him I still have a lot questions with no one to give me answers ,it’s really painful 😭😭😭😭😭


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