Reactions as FG revokes mining license of a mining company in Enugu, said to have allegedly discovered URANIUM

Reactions as FG revokes mining license of a mining company in Enugu, said to have allegedly discovered URANIUM

A yet to be official news have been trending on the micro blogging site, twitter, where it is said that the federal government have revoked a mining license of a mining company in Enugu for discovery a mineral deposit, URANIUM.

Uranium is a silvery-white metallic chemical element in the periodic table, with atomic number 92. A uranium atom has 92 protons and 92 electrons, of which 6 are valence electrons. Uranium has the highest atomic weight of all naturally occurring elements.

Uranium “enriched” into U-235 concentrations can be used as fuel for nuclear power plants and the nuclear reactors that run naval ships and submarines. It also can be used in nuclear weapons.

According to a twitter user with handle, @Uchez2. He said;

So A mining company in Enugu accidentally discovers huge uranium deposit and FG sharply revokes mining licence. Kai!

His tweet has generated a lot of mixed reactions, why the federal govt should revoke the license of the miner. Read reactions below

@UburuKacha: Enugu Government should quickly engage artisanal Miners to exploit this rich God given reserve.

@H_Hicc: It belongs to FG according to the constitution.

@Slim_Nawty_Me: But the gold in the north belongs to the state Government, yeah? One Nigeria una

@EzeBarth1: That something of powerful, that is to say that Enugu not only have abundance of coal but uranium inclusive make that Enugu a super state. Ugwuanyi should make sure that even FG do not tap in it, just like gold is for Kano, and zamfara the ura is for Enugu period

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@ulsherlan: Lol All subsurface mineral deposits belong to the FG.

@onyeokuzu1: Kịtịkpá gbagbué gị.. So the gold in Sokoto and Zamfara belongs to the state and the North but that of the eastern states belongs to the FG? Otolo gbapuẹ gị afọ there

@ulsherlan: I wish you were educated cos if you were, you’d see that I wrote “All subsurface mineral deposits” anyways, enjoy your day

@CallMeJossy: Uranium is radioactive oh. Bros make them revoke am abeg. If it was gold, silver or the likes I’ll have that’s when I’d have a problem but Uranium? No pls.

@anifel20: Revoking license of the explorer is not the solution. The company that discovered it was already aware and would have taken all necessary steps as part of their EHS program. The govt should engage them, find out how to improve their exploration.

@Kene46867301: I thought state government has right to all resources in the Land, so how did federal government get involved in such? Please enlighten me

@eddubrazil: This is the execution. All lands that contain mineral resources both belongs exclusively to the FG. The State has no say in it.

@sholztalks: If Igbos should take it, then we can conclude that the Igbos are the weakest in Nigeria. How can gold be discovered in Zamfara and the FG could not claim it but can claim anywhere else. Watching closely

@KechAmanii: Nigeria needs to be RESTRUCTURED NOW. Let each region harness her resources and contribute to the center. A lot of our resources are illegally used by a few while the larger populace suffer. That uranium will be mined by a few unscrupulous elements like the gold in Zamfara.

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@Edward_Onoriode: Uranium contain a some quantity of Radiation. By that, you can’t mine it and sell it except through the relevant authorities. There are specific buyers that buys Uranium and it can’t be bought by just anyone in an open market. The federal govt did well by evoking the licence.


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