Social media is promoting cult!sm and everyone seem to be fine with it


A twitter user, @Egi_nupe_ has express dissatisfaction on the increase in cultism among our youths. He said it worries him on the kind of comments he has come across on some handle  on tiktok, on how Young boys and girls asking how to join and expresses interest in some particular cultist group.

He made mention that on Instagram, about a guy whose content revolves around assaulting guys and ladies under the guise of being a cultist, where he normally make some statements, like “you wan collect” a slang which is now common on the street.

He said, “Stylishly, social media is promoting cultism and everyone seem to be fine with it. On Tiktok, I come across different handles and the comments I see there bother me a lot. Young boys and girls asking how to join and expressing how much they love a particular cultist group more.

On Instagram, there’s a guy whose content revolves around assaulting guys and ladies under the guise of being a cultist saying “you wan collect” and that slang is now common on the streets cos we think it’s cool and funny.

Cultism is too dangerous to be celebrated or flaunted publicly the way young men and ladies are going about it. This is how yahoo boys and hook-ups started and see the mess they’ve created now? At least 30 out of 50 young men/women out there are involved in yahoo/hookups.

If all these things don’t bother us, I wonder what will. We’re comfortable promoting and celebrating all kinds of social vices without minding their ripple effects on younger generations.

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Read some reactions to his tweet

@Ehi_di_ime: Everything Evil is highly celebrated now & u dare not hv a contrary opinion cos dey will tag u whatever they feel like.

Just last night I corrected someone here &he replied me”u dey correct cultist, e be like say u wan collect”

Things we were scared to mention in our teenage days

@Egi_nupe_: That was how one said I answered like a frustrated Nigerian…when I only wanted to correct him. Me wey dey my corner here dey sip hollondia youghurt, I jst laugh and deleted the tweet make notification no kill me, some will want to savage u and ended up being a nuisance ooo

@Enigma_001: I very much agree with all that you’ve said in this thread.

TikTok particularly promotes 90% of the aforementioned. From cultism to ritualist and even yahoo.

You’ll see teenagers expressing willingness to join a cult group. Chanting their slangs. God help us.

@FemiEmeka: Social media especially in Nigeria circles have been promoting decadence of all sorts but we keep turning blind eye to it passing them as slangs/trends/challenges.

From promoting cheating in relationships, fraud & now cultism. Comedy skits & musicians carry a lot of blame here

@AbdulrasalAni: The current situation in The Polytechnics Ibadan  is alarming..

Since Monday, Court groups have been fighting and distorting the peace in the campus, preventing students from attending classes .

No authority has said anything about it

No security forces involvement

@Lifesokul: I shared this with a friend last week. I even saw women in the comment section asking if women can join. Lots of them ooo.


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