If Amaechi is chosen as APC consensus Presidential candidate, Nigeria will witness giant projects

We have two major projects we want to do in Kano, the first being the standard gauge from Kano to Kaduna.

According to a report by Nation, Ahead of the 2023 general elections, a pro-All Progressives Congress (APC) group, Bridge Builders Initiative for Green Nigeria ( BBIGN) has given Minister of Transportation Rotimi Amaechi a 21-day ultimatum to declare for the presidency. It said it will be forced to ask Amaechi to declare after the ultimatum. The group also pledged to raise N2 billion to finance his electioneering campaign.

Amaechi has the ball, the ball to develop Nigeria through giant infrastructural projects. Projects that will make Nigeria looks like Europe or even better than Poland. Nigeria is a rich country, richer than many European countries that are well developed. The problem in Nigeria has to start with leadership. But Amaechi has the leadership style to take Nigeria to the next level.

He did it in Rivers State and now all over Nigeria. He brought about the train revolution in Nigeria. In the North and South, projects are being commissioned by his ministry. Some ministers have no such projects. Maybe that is why Buhari made him his campaign coordinator, Buhari might have seen his capacity to make things work. What he is doing to the railway sector is also happening at the ports.

Therefore, if he is chosen as the consensus candidate by his party, Amaechi will surely construct giant projects that will take Nigeria to the next level. The power sector, transportation, Aviation, and others will not be lagging in terms of funding.


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