Jack Dorsey’s 1st ever tweet sold as NFT for $2.9M, ended in a top bid for $280


The first ever tweet by Jack, the founder of the micro bloging platform, twitter was on the 21st of Match, 2006, when he tweeted, “Just setting up my twttr,” was sold as NFT at the sum of $2.9 million. Last year.

The proceeds which was converter to Bitcoin, and sent as a COVID-19 relief to Africa.

Last week, the Person who bought the the NFT, relisted it for $48 million and the auction later ended with a top bid of $280.

Jack Dorsey sold his 1st-ever tweet as an NFT last year.

It was bought for $2.9 million, which he converted to Bitcoin & donated to COVID-19 relief in Africa.

But last week, the buyer relisted it for $48 million & the auction ended with a top bid of just $280.

This tweet has generated reactions and discussion on social media.

Read some of the discussions below.

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