Stop donating Millions to churches, when people are dying in your village — Father Oluoma says


A priest of the Catholic Archdiocese of Abuja, Reverend Father Oluoma Chinenye John, popularly known as Father Oluoma, has in a video said you should stop donating millions to churches when people are dying in your village.

He said some rich men donate such huge amounts yet they cannot boast of giving their village good healthcare to ensure safe delivery for women and other necessary amenities. He said such people will find themselves in hell because they are neglecting the issues of mercy.

Speaking further, he affirmed that some of them donate hundreds of millions just to receive awards and recognition. Additionally, he said one can give money to the church but issues of mercy should not be neglected.

From one minute in the video, Father Oluoma Said, “You are a very rich man, you donate to your church in hundreds of millions but people are dying in your village. You have to stop it. People have to travel for kilometres before women can deliver, no Police outlet and primary healthcare but you are in the city forming the highest donor of a ministry and receiving awards. The road to hell is very wide for you because you are neglecting the issues of mercy. You can donate to the church but don’t neglect such issues”.

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