I don’t believe Jesus is the son of God, yet christians don’t accuse me of blasphemy — Aisha Yesufu

Feel free to murder me instead of cowardly waiting for others to do it for you - Aisha Yesufu To Twitter User

Human Rights activist, Aisha Yesufu has taken out time to school her followers on her understanding of the law of blasphemy concerning the teachings of Islam.

According to her, every religion has rules which must be adhered to. She stated that there are rules about blasphemy in Islam which is only applicable to Muslims.

She emphasized on Christians believe that Jesus is the son of God and stated that as a Muslim, she only believes that Jesus is a prophet and Christians aren’t accusing her of blasphemy.

According to her, when someone whose religious belief differs from her utters an uncultured word about what she believes in, she would feel bad.

She went on to say that in as much as the person doesn’t share the same belief with her, there is no point forcing them to do so because there is no compulsion in religion.

She explained that Prophet Muhammad was insulted during his lifetime but he didn’t kill anyone.

She also gave an example of people who worship the thunder and said she doesn’t see thunder as God and if the law of blasphemy is fair, those who worship thunder would accuse her of blasphemy for not believing in the God of thunder.

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