Reactions: Watch moment EFCC operatives broke into Rochas Okorocha’s residence through the ceiling before arresting him in Abuja (video)

Reactions: Watch moment EFCC operatives broke into Senator Okorocha's residence through the ceiling before arresting him in Abuja (video)

A video showing the moment EFCC operatives broke into the Abuja residence of Senator Rochas Okorocha through the ceiling before arresting him this evening May 24, has been shared online.

Read how Nigerians are reacting to the arrest below

@Fem4law: The Administration of Criminal Justice Act (ACJA) permits reasonable force for ingress and egress during the course of arresting a suspect. Thank you.

@Datloluboy: Is that reasonable to you? We are used to nonsense. What happened to stake out. His he a murderer? The worst of criminals around the world were not captured this way.

@Fem4law: My brother,the reasonableness of such an act is not to be determined by neither myself nor you but the court. You may speak from the angle of morality and emotions. Law doesn’t recognise that. Rochas knows that i believe, so are his lawyers and myself, and I’m glad you do too now

@Datloluboy: I am not against him been arrested. We all want the looters, criminals to be arrested but the manner in which they did it, nah.. He posed no threat, infact staking him out would better help their case in court. I am sure you know that. We neeď to do things right no matter what.

@Fem4law: I’m also not in support of people being arrested in a form of gestapo. However, I’m just trying to let you know the position of the law.The rightness or otherwise of the actions of those operatives will only be determined by the court. Thank you once again!

@ydamakiri: There is a reason why the coinage is “reasonable force”. The question for you now is: will an innocent bystander watching this believe this to be reasonable within the circumstances?

@chineduanaz: This sympathy for criminals is something I wuld never understand amongst common folk. Rochas was invited since by EFCC to come over & give account of N1.9b. Refused to present himself yet he can buy N100m form. They have gone to arrest him and you are saying Not like this.

@raymonsurpass: “Yes he may be a criminal but not like this”… They’ve been at his house since morning baba no gree commot, what should they have done, go home and come back tomorrow?

@Morris_Monye:Won’t he come out one day!!!!! Abroad there is something called stakeout. Anyway you guys are used to nonsense here. The answer is obvious.

Watch the video below…

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