Man wishes her mom dies quick to go and me her creator “Satan”

Shock as man who sponsored his wife through school, built her a house, catches her cheating with okada rider

A man on twitter, with the handle J Delicious, has wished his mother dies quick to go and meet her creator, Satan.

He said ever since he stopped telling her mother about his life, that was when his life started flourishing. He went ahead to say that anytime he asked her mother to pray for him things get worse for him.

J Delicious said he has not spoken with her mother in a week and it has been the happiest moment of his life and he can’t wait for her to leave this Earth to go and meet her creator, Satan

He said,

“I stopped telling my mom about my life and started flourishing. Every time I asked her to pray for something, it would get worse. We haven’t spoken in a week and this is the happiest I’ve been all week. I really can’t wait until she leaves this earth to be with her creator Satan”

In response to his tweet, a lady has also narrated how she hates her mother. She said the day she gave up on her own mother was when she borrowed N500 to buy pad because she was broke.

She never knew her mother was waiting to use that as an opportunity to humiliate her. She was striped naked in the room by her mother, who insisted she must pay her the N500 she borrowed from her. Neighbors had to get involved, to plead on her behalf.

Libmaya said she was 24, unemployed and frustrated. After the incident, she moved in with her father and step mother. She swore never to call her mom or step her foot in her home again.

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Libmaya said it has been 3 years they have not heard from each other. She will be getting married soon and her step mother will stand in place of her mother.


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