Nobody can stand Atiku in any primary election in Nigeria, A combination of Atiku and Kwakwanso, would have flogged Buhari in 2014, if not Tinubu — Man insinuates on Twitter


A man on twitter has insinuated that nobody can stand Atiku in any Primary election in Nigeria. He went on to say that Tinubu was the person behind, Buhari winning the Party’s Primaries in 2014.

He continued by saying that the combination of Atiku and Kwakwanso would have flogged Buhari, if not for Tinubu.

He said, while Atiku and Kwakwanso left the Party, Tinubu stood firm and also ensured that. Buhari won the 2019 general elections.

He said, “Nobody can stand Atiku in any party primary election in Nigeria. Obasanjo had to push him out of PDP to stand a chance.  Tinubu was the one that ensured that  Buhari won at the primaries in 2014. A combination of Atiku and Kwakwanso would have flogged him without Tinubu.”

“While Atiku and Kwakwanso left the party, Tinubu stood firm in the party, took all the insults and shenanigans and still worked as Chairman of Buhari’s 2019 re-election campaign. Tinubu made sure Buhari was re-elected against Atiku. Some of you need memory check…”

The tweet attracted alot of concerns, who gave their own different opinion on the subject matter.

@DuchesAnnie said: Tinubu needs Buhari to stand with him to win the Northern vote if you want to be factual. Consistent 12m vote is not a joke. Tinubu is a first time presidential aspirant bruh

@adeshinak said: Sei baba now old name, ask any aboki in your area, Buhari is no longer popular. Is either Tinubu or PDpig.

@iyaboawokoya said: Yes, they would have flogged him indeed but would have lost the election to PDP again. Buhari is the main factor in the upstaging of the PDP. I think we should not forget this fact.

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@aliyu_solomon said: 15m votes won the presidency for APC in 2015. PMB commanded 12m votes in two previous elections.Tinubu and co brought meagre 3m votes and suddenly 3m is greater than 12m? Very good.

@ArcSayuti said: I beg to disagree sir. Tinubu supported Atiku and lost. Yes he contributed to PMBs success at the poll without a doubt but without PMB, he would never have been able to defeat PDP. BUHARI alone got 12 million votes and if Buhari should endorse any other aspirant, he’ll lose the primaries

@Orlamey said: If PMB 12 million votes couldn’t get him the presidency, how is it going to help who ever he endorses without BAT? Surely, the person will win the primaries but looses the election. If PMB decided to play a fast one on BAT, We will all be here to enjoy what will unfold.

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