Reno Omokri criticizes #1MillionMarch4PeterObi as Obi’s supporters reacts

Reno Omokri criticizes #1MillionMarch4PeterObi as Obi's supporters reacts

The former aide to ex President Goodluck Jonathan, Reno Omokri has criticized the on going 1 million march for Peter Obi, organized by Peter Obi support group.

Reno took to his verified twitter handle to say that, the 1 million march for Peter Obi is a very good idea for the general election, which he commends.

He continued by saying that Obi’s supporters should try and understand that, the 1 million march does nothing to the primary election

Reno likened it to a girl that you want to propose to, he said, you can only start preparing for the wedding, when the girl says yes.

In his words,

I commend #1MillionMarch4PeterObi. It is a VERY good idea…for a general election.

But it does nothing in a primary election. Try to understand how elections work.

It is only when the girl has said yes to your proposal that you begin to prepare for the wedding.


Reno Omokri criticizes #1MillionMarch4PeterObi as Obi's supporters reacts

After the Reno’s tweet, Obi’s supporters started reaction to his his tweet, which did not go down well with them.

Read some of the reactions below;

@Castledaniel2: So it is no longer on Twitter Obi have supporters. In America campaigns start from primaries but due to every one of this set of Nigerian politicians put theirs fate in bribing the delegates that is why we are were we are today. All we are asking for is a good leader

@OnahMichael13:I believe you misunderstood the reason for the #1MillionMarch4PeterObi The march today was only a sign and message to PDP. The people are requesting for PDP to give them Peter obi.Take note that, most banners were boldly written “Give us Peter obi”

@eze_tweets: Reno alatenuje ni e. The facts say you dey collect ria ria to come grandstand is not going to change the narrative. We know how election works. We are not toddlers. Save that your pep talk for another day. Peter Obi is the candidate to beat. Delegates do us, we do them back!

@OvuUdochukwu: You criticise our achievements on twitter, forgetting that over 90% of people that knows you today came from this space. We never know or heard about you when goodluck was in power, know that today

@MAnakwe: How else do you woo a girl into saying yes to your proposal? A serious spouse will do more to earn her trust before commitment. Should Obi fail to get the ticket, as you have predicted, it’s PDP/Nigeria’s loss, not Peter.

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