Man threatened to sue Newspaper that mentioned the word “FULANI”, in their report on Owo massacre


A man on twitter, with the handle @ahmadpullo has threatened to sue the newspaper, that mentioned the word FULANI, while reporting the massacre that happened in Owo, Ondo state, where innocent Nigerians were killed, during a church service

He stated that, Nigeria journalist must be educated about ethnic profile and assures that Supreme court must decide his right as a Fulani man.

In his words;

We’re going to court with the newspapers that mentions the word #Fulani in their report of the #Owo massacre. Nigerian journalists must be educated about ethnic profiling and why can’t continue. I’m Fulani and the supreme court must decide whether I have the right to innocent

This regardless of whether the perpetrators happen to be Fulani or not. There is no single ethnic group that is all innocent or evil. Why the Fulani is different in this country is unacceptable. The courts must speak on this.

Some Nigerians on social media have reacted to his tweet, which you can read below

@farmexecutive said, You should be worried on why almost all the massacres,killings,mayhem in this country alwys have somthing to do with fulani,the same energy you want to use to go to court use it to encourage the herders to embrace ranching and stop endangering their lives in the bush.

Udo Urom said, Only that these other groups don’t bring bloodletting to other zones, if these atrocities had ended in Fulani regions alone, it could have been treated as family affairs.


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