Those queuing to get PVC aren’t talking about APC, PDP they call themselves obedient – Gov. Obaseki

Those queuing to get PVC aren't talking about APC, PDP they call themselves obedient - Gov. Obaseki

The Governor of Edo State, Godwin Obaseki has asked his party, PDP to wake up ahead of the 2023 president election.

In a video shared online, Obaseki had a meeting with some top government officials and in the meeting, he said PDP couldn’t even win in Ekiti State or even came out as number two.

He said there is obviously something going wrong in the party which must he urgently addressed.

He said that the future of our politics in Nigeria is changing and he doubts if others are seeing the level of disenchantment in the existing political parties.

He said that in all our homes, we have so many people that call themselves ‘obedient’ and that when you ask them the party they belong, they will tell you ‘obedient’.

Governor Obaseki said these people don’t want them and they are not talking about APC or PDP, and that what they are looking for is alternatives. He said those who are queuing to get their PVC are not looking in the direction of APC or PDP.

Obaseki said if they don’t make their party attractive (PDP), they all know what will happen in 2023.

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