BIGOTRY: Reactions as a Peter Obi supporter warned a Tinubu supporter never to wear any Tinubu’s insignia in Anambra State


A support of Peter Obi’s Presidential ambition has warned a Tinubu supporter, not to set her foot in to Anambra State, wearing any T – Shirt having Tinubu’s logo on it. Tinubu is the Presidential candidate of All Progress Congress APC, while Peter Obi is the Presidential candidate for Labour party

Ada Anambra took to her twitter handle to identify fully and declare her support for the Presidential ambition of Ahmed Tinubu, by saying,


In a response to her tweet, another APC member, Ayo Oyawolo aka, The God father commended her for her choice of candidate. Ayo told her to contact @omoolaprints to get any of the BATIFIED insignia she likes and told her that the cost will be on him

welcome Ada… please contact @omoolaprints for either your Batified or City Boy Tshirt. Just inform him which do you want… cost is on me

After Ayo has informed her on what to do, another person, who is supporting Peter Obi responded to Ada Anambra by telling her that The God father is manipulating her and she should not be tempted by what he said.

He went on to warn her not to wear any of the BATIFIED or city boy slave t shirt anyway, near Anambra, even the God father himself will not try it.

Ada Anambra Dear, The Godfather himself is gaslighting you O. I 💗 you. Don’t be tempted to wear your newly acquired Batified or City Boy slave T-shirt anywhere near Anambra. The Godfather himself will not try it. Wake-up, collect your money, Buga, stay safe online.

A lot of reactions have trailed the tweet and most people are not happy with the. Comment made by Nmaemeka, who is the Peter Obi support.

Read some of the comments below 👇

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@bayoadetunji said: So she will be harmed if she openly support BAT in Anambra? But Igbos are holding rallies for PO in Lagos and freely doing do

Talk about tolerance and intolerance of the two tribes

@ayoOyalowo said: They go everywhere in other peoples domain and are living in peace, but they can’t let others live in peace on their own lands. Thank God they are confessing with their own mouths…

@tesh_ola said: A colleague told me something similar when discussing Hope Uzodima’s supreme court case.

Basically that if i publicly sided with d outcome of d case in Owerri, i will be killed.

I fell cold for a moment bcos this was coming from an educated individual.

I’ve stopped arguing anyhow



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