#BBNaija: Amaka and Phyna, from rat to best friend?

#BBNaija: Amaka and Phyna, from rat to best friend?

When Phyna accused Amaka of being a snitch and labelling her a rat, she came to her defence and the two had a screaming match on Sunday. Amaka was left shouting by herself when a grinning Phyna kept telling her to get out and stop making noise.

Phyna called Amaka a “fake pretender,” and Amaka was not having any of it. “This is me. It’s either you deal with me or leave it,” Amaka said.

Phyna used that description after Amaka said she would assess the Level 1 Housemates one-by-one if she would get an opportunity to meet them again. Phyna felt that Amaka is using friendships as a strategy and, therefore, not a genuine person.

Cyph attempted to reconcile the two yesterday but with no luck.

It looks like Phyna has decided to “deal with it”. The two slept later than all their fellow Housemates today, Phyna choosing to take a morning nap on the Living Room floor.

After visiting the Garden in her sleepwear, Amaka decided to go back to bed and take her morning nap.

The two met up in the Bedroom and had some random banter.

The two ladies, joined by Cyph getting ready, spoke about the type of education they want their children to have. Phyna would like her kids to attend a private school to have a good foundation. She adds that when attending a public school, they will learn balance and know that they must mix up.

The two ladies seem to have made up and moved on as if nothing happened. This is a complete contrast to how things ended for them on Sunday. The two Housemates tried their best to avoid each other after their square-off.

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