#BBNaija: Amaka and Phyna in a fight over who to please, viewers or fellow housemates [VIDEO]

@BBNaija: Amaka and Phyna in a fight over who to please, viewers or fellow housemates [VIDEO]

While chilling in the Lounge, Phyna asked Amaka who she was going to please with her actions in the House. To make Amaka understand the question better, Phyna told Amaka she would please the viewers because they will Vote for her.

Amaka on the other hand answered that she would like to please both her fellow Housemates and the viewers. This answer, unfortunately, did not sit well with Phyna who told Amaka that she can’t choose Housemates because they won’t be loyal to her. This led to an argument between the two who spoke at the top of their voices.

Amaka argued that Phyna should stop telling others what to do and should allow her to be herself. The fight carried on with Phyna calling her a snitch and this led to Amaka dropping receipts about Phyna saying she was ready to take her fellow Level 2 Housemates down.

Furthermore, Amaka called Phyna skinny after the latter had called her a rat to which Amaka said she couldn’t be a rat because she is fat. Amaka’s comment led Phyna to accuse her of body shaming.

Even though Bryann and Beauty intervened, the two kept on bickering at each other.

During their workout session in the garden, Amaka had a rant session with Kess and Daniella saying she will never be intimidated by anyone. She recalled the quarrel saying she didn’t know Phyna would take what she said serious and concluded Phyna was out to use her to shine.

Watch the video below

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