PETER OBI: Serious Presidential candidate employs data guys to work for them and not going about granting interviews in TV stations – – Woye


A twitter influencer, Woye has revealed how a serious Presidential candidate will win election.

This is coming after the Peter Obi, the Presidential candidate of Labour Party, granted a viral Interview on Arise TV.

On Woye’s twitter post, he said a serious Nigerian Presidential candidate will employ secret data guys to work for them. He said the candidate will identify and rent a building for election situation room, with 24hours Internet, employ data guys,.

Also have cleaner, who will be well paid and not normal salary other cleaners receive.

According to Woye, he said;

Serious Presidential candidate have identified a building to rent for election situation room with 24hours Internet service. They are secretly employing data guys to work for them. Election room is not situated within Presidential campaign office . Secret location & no signage.

Presidential election is not photo ops oooo. They will employ cleaners that they do not even understand the business going on there. They would be paid well unlike normal office pay. The coordinator watches the communication of data employed guys too. Coordinator must deliver

if you love your candidate, donate money to their campaign. Presidential election is expensive. Who monitors collation of result? Even your agents can sell your PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE election result. So you need money, money, voluntary donation.

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