Rauf Aregbe Shola caught on camera, harrassed inside a restaurant in The US [Watch the embarrassing Video]


The Nigeria’s Minister of interior Ogbeni Rauf Aregbe Shola was caught on camera in a restaurant in the United States of America

Aregbe was spotted by an unknown Nigerian, in a restaurant, while he was buying food, when the guy started recording him with his camera.

The viral video has generated a lot of reactions from Nigeria and people are condemning the act. Read some reactions and Watch the video below

@kentucky363 said: He probably had a personal vendetta against Aregbe.
I have my own personal reason to hate him too and If I have the opportunity I would ask him some questions one on one.

@awonbioj_u said:

You see, you can’t understand.

If you at any time prior to Aregbe’s 2nd term attended a public school in Ọ̀ṣun and see what is obtainable today in the same schools, maybe you’d understand.

I shouldn’t really be arguing with you. How can you know what you don’t live?

@oliwalargess said:Exactly what I was saying, aregbe wasn’t even rude to him, and he kept on saying this is America I can do what ever I want he even threatened to sue if he touches his phone … that isn’t a fair treatment any way

@ketzip Said: If the guy who made the video is sure of himself and his claims, he should show his face or reveal himself. He demonstrated his poor upbringing and crass ancestry.
Aregbe should have kept his cool, bring out his own device and make a video of the guy as well. Oshisko!

@tundealuko said: Aregbe is a good man, that idiot screaming “this is America” can’t do that to other people, he would be picking up his phone and maybe tooth on the floor.

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