UK to send Nigerian criminals home to serve jail terms

UK to send Nigerian criminals home to serve jail terms

Tougher times now await convicted Nigerian criminals in Britain. Such criminals are to be deported to serve their jail terms in Nigeria under an agreement just signed by the two countries.

New laws that came into effect this week empower the British government to deport Nigerian criminals up to a year before the end of their sentences. The new laws are part of London’s ‘New Plan for Immigration Policy’.

Its first victims, 21 Nigerians and Ghanaians, were sent home on Thursday.

Thirteen of the deported people are Nigerians who, according to media reports, had no right to be in the country, and those with combined sentences of more than 64 years for crimes such as rape and sexual offences against children.

Britain’s Home Secretary Witham Priti Patel said yesterday that the new agreement with Nigeria would deter illegal migration.

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